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Max 4 Pro Series

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  Up to 26 mph / 42 km/h

  Up to 15 Miles / 25 km

  Big Wheel (96mm)

  Up to 30% Grade

  270 Days Warranty

  Official Authentic Guarantee

  Arrive in 4-7 Days in UK [Shipping from London, UK]

4 Speed Mode:
Beginner Mode | Eco Mode | Fast Mode | Max Mode

New Upgraded MAX 4 Pro Series by Maxfind Board is our latest most powerful skateboard. It has powerful motors that crank out a top speed of 40km/h/26mph, and a range of well far ahead of the competition thanks to its removable 4.40Ah Battery. You can easily drive all day on just a single charge of your battery.

Revolutionary Design: 

Maxfind Max 4 Pro is optimistic about the future of living in cities. We are here to free you from urban congestion, and to inspire you to unlock the potential of your city.

MAX 4 Pro can get you anywhere you want to go—with the industry-leading EASY SWAP BATTERIES design. 


Different from the traditional belt drive system with complex construction and the risk of belt breakage, MAX4 PRO is equipped with Maxfind M5 dual Hub motor driving which is safer and more compact. It offers a smoother and quieter ride with a top speed of 42 kph/h, and provide a superb manipulation in a wide variety of conditions.

High -performance in-wheel motor has an incredible transformation efficiency of 85% to ensure an excellent acceleration and longer range. Each component of the powertrain is precision-engineered to provide 1500W power for easy climbs of 30%, No need to worry about slope when you on the street.


Ipx7 Waterproof, Intelligent Foc Adapt To Brushless Hub Motor

After analyzing a mass of riding data, we totally optimized the FOC vector controller design, drive precisely hub motor work, accurately regulate the electrical power output to make a smoother speed and brake. It gives a memorable ride with the long range.


With the latest Maxfind M5 dual-drive wheel motor, excellent performance and perfect gliding experience can be achieved. It can achieve revolutionary in-wheel motor technology and the industry's unique quick-change battery design, which can replace the battery in 10 seconds. You will truly experience unlimited mileage!

Waterproof Motherboard:

Esc Ipx7, Hub Motor Ip65, Battery Ip65

The innovative glue filling technology, super waterproof, safe and stable, dustproof, shockproof design, easy to deal with various complex environments, you don't have to worry when you drive it on the rainy road. Ability to run all day, easy to deal with complex road conditions.


4 Speed Mode: Beginner Mode | Eco Mode | Fast Mode | Max Mode

2.4GHZ multi-point FM makes sure that your connection won’t get disrupted. Various riding parameters can be set and viewed via the OLED screen.
Four riding modes go from beginner-friendly. To energy-saving, to speedy Pro Mode. You can enjoy riding at any skill level.


The custom-designed 45-degree bevel is more stable at high speed.The unique slot design of the PU seat has a more exact limit on the highly elastic PU, giving the corners more support. The scratch-resistant coating with exclusive formula enhances the texture and brand recognition. High-precision forged, the impact resistance of the truck is increased by 30%.


96Mm, 78A, Comfort And Fast

25% larger than standard booster wheels, purposed-built for tough riding conditions, increased diameter allows you to ride across large cracks, turf and even railway and tramway. Don’t be afraid to ride over those tracks! From now on, focus on the road forward without worrying about any cracks and jolts!

More Details: 

Specs Max4 Pro Series
Speed Up to 26 Mph / 42 kph
Range Up to 15 Miles / 25 km
Easy Swap Batteries No tools required. Simply turn a latch and click in a new battery in seconds.
Hub Motor Power High Torque Dual 750 Watts *2  
Hub Motor Torque 4.7 Nm x2
Hill Climbing Up to 30% Grade
Battery Power 158.4 Wh Samsung Lithium Ion with custom BMS
Board Weight 16 Ibs / 7.5 kg
Deck Material 8 Ply Maple with Carbon Fiber printing
Deck Length 38 Inch / 97 cm
Dimensions 38(L),10.6(W),5(H) inch / 97,27 ,13 cm
Trucks 10.6 Inches / 270 mm width CNC Precision Machined
Ride Modes 4 Safe Riding Modes (Beginner/ Eco/Fast/Max)
Braking System Electronic Regenerative Braking
Wheels 96 mm
Remote  Ergonomic Bluetooth Remote with OLED
Charging Time 120 min
Max Load 220 Ibs / 100 kg