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Kryptonics 38" 'Cast-Off' Drop-through Longboard

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The Cast-Off pulls together a variety of premium Kryptonics components to deliver a well-rounded, versatile drop--through longboard. A set of smooth running ABEC 5 bearings is matched with Kryptonic's distinctive SLANT 180mm reverse kingpin trucks and soft 69mm urethane wheels to deliver a fast, dynamic ride. Completed with a maple wood deck with generous with wheel cut-outs for steep carving and a drop-through design for greater stability, the Kryptonics Cast-Off is an ideal entry-point to the world of technical longboard riding. 

  • 'The Kryptonics "cast off is the perfect Longboard for long moves and easy cruising.
  • The deck offers everything the longboarders need for a day over 97 x 25 cm.
  • The high-quality processing on the ABEC 5 ball bearings and PU wheels ensures ideal conditions in both the beginner as well as in a professional context.
  • Also ensure stability the elaborately crafted composite axes for optimal steering and the desired.
  • With this Longboard from the traditional house Kryptonics means it up and let go: Free Your Wheel.

Brand: Kryptonics
Weight: 2.25kg
Longboard Length 38"
Longboard Width 10"
Longboard Shape Pintail
Longboard Construction 8 ply Maple
Longboard Trucks 180mm RKP SLANT Trucks
Wheels 69mm / 83A Kryptonic Wheels
Longboard Bearings ABEC 5 Bearings
Bushing PU 85A
Board Style Freeride

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