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Cruiser Skateboards

Cruisers are also great for getting you from A to B, but the one major advantage of a shorter skateboard is how easy it is to transport around. Their shorter deck length in comparison to a longboard allows you to make tighter turns to dodge obstacles. A lot of new skaters need a little extra stability so it is worth noting that beginners usually find long boards to be more stable.


These are the same as cruisers, just smaller. These can be made of wood or plastic (a style which has been very popular recently). The added benefit of these is being even more convenient to carry around. These are a perfect starter set up for young beginners just looking to get to grips with riding a skateboard and perfect their balance, but also great for more experienced riders looking for a different skateboarding style.

Great for:

  • A mode of transport and cruising around
  • Carrying/transporting around – fits in your backpack!
  • Tight turns and carves
  • A smooth ride
  • Tricks & flips

Not so great for:

  • Going fast
  • Stability for beginners
  • Manoeuvrability for beginners

Typically used:

Downhill skateboardingFlat road skateboardingPark and bowl skateboarding

Downhill Flat roads Park & Bowl