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Green Transport in London | Save the Planet

The Mayor of London is aiming for 80% of all commuters trips to be made by foot, by cycle, or green public transport by 2041. Mayor's Transport Strategy aims to change the way people chose to travel.
The Mayor of London is working to ensure London's entire transport system is zero emission by 2050. Since London must meet legal air quality limits as soon as possible.

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According to the official source of Mayor of London: From next year, all new double deck buses will be hybrid, electric or hydrogen-fueled. In central London, all double deck buses will be hybrid by 2019 and all single deck buses will emit zero exhaust emissions by 2020.

Walking and Cycling 
green transport in London

The London's future relies on the transport system where people choose to walk and cycle or use green transport. A total of £2.1 billion will be invested to 2021/22 to improve road safety, public spaces, and air quality. Programmes like 'Legible London', will provide accessible, safe and attractive walking environments and will make it easier for people to plan journeys on foot.
A new London-wide network of strategic cycling routes will transform the convenience and experience of cycling for all types of trips. The Mayor aims for 70% of Londoners to live within 400 meters of a high quality, safe cycle route by 2041 and according to the UK law electronic vehicles like Electric Skateboard are allowed to ride in the cycle lane. This provides better environments for walking and cycling to enable all Londoners to do at least the 20 minutes of active travel.

Electric Vehicles:
Mayor of London is investing £18 million into a new scheme that will make it easier to own an electric vehicle in the capital. Installation of Rapid charging points will power vehicles in nearly 30 minutes.
Additionally, there will soon be 1500 new standard electric vehicle charging points installed across London. The £4.5 million investment, across 25 boroughs, will make electric vehicles an easier and more practical option for Londoners.